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Happy soul ultra pro max!

I recently went out on a holiday. A long one for that matter. Three days in Medina with fam and a week at Flamingo Beach Resort thanks to my employer.

Am always the errand boy when we do our road trips or do our fun visits. Am always the director of photography, the lights guy and the primary and secondary photographer. Let me not bore you with stories. Let the photos tell the story.

Location: Medina Palms – Watamu

Gadget: Nikon D610

Day 1: The questions

Siz: “Siloma are you ready? You know am doing this make makeup for photos.”

Bro: “Bro niokolee vest.”

Cuzo: “Am I fat?”

Me: ? – Tired already.

From Left: My siz, bro and cuzo pose for a photo.
Makeup girl ? posed for one good one. To her it is always, “I just want one good one.” You will end up doing 100, discard 99 for that 1 good one.

And what I love about me is that am a good teacher. I called bro to tell him to take one good one like the one I took them. Ours was more amazing.

Fam 2
This one deserves an Oscar. See, photos with Siloma become masterpieces. There is some beauty I pour in all my photos.

Day 2: The follow-ups

Siz: “Your photos were not that bad. Today I want sasa Instagram Material.”

Bro: “Manze bro nilisahau short.”

Cuzo: “This doesn’t make me look fat, sindio?”

Me: ? – Dead already.

So today I teach a waiter to take us, one good one ?

Fam 3
“Excusa Waiter,Kindly just frame this photo well and press here.” “Ati nini?” “Samahani, fremu hii picha kati alafu bofya hiki kibuttoni cha silveri” ? “Waleva men, just take the photo.”

But again I cannot breathe…

Judes 1
Cuzo sprinkles the waters of bliss

And as soon as some people see that…

Take me one here aki. I also need the water. Talk of copy-cats, SMH.

And later that evening we take a stroll to the beach. I wish I never carried my camera.

Yo! Are you doing a BOSE commercial or something?

Luckily to appease the ancestors in the camera, we went Kayaking.

Fam 4
When other people take photos of you. ?
Haggai 2
This is a good one. I wish she knew that this is amazing framing.

And because I have a sister who will read this blog and ask, “Kwanini hukuweka ile yangu” let me just post it

Sola 1
Sitaki kupigwa na mtu mwingine, patia Siloma camera.

Then we decided to do some – I don’t know what they are called ?

Hahaha La Presidente
Hehehe le Missidente ?

Day 3: The Nolstagia

Siz: “Aki our holiday is over”

Bro: “Manze next time sitahau kubeba stuff.”

Cuzo: “Aki I hope sijanona na hizi food nimekula huku”

Me: ? – Bury me already. But wait, my holiday just got started. As you guys fly back to Nairobi, I head to Mombasa for another week of fun. Who’s laughing now?

This day we wrap it in style.

Siloma 1
Bro takes an amazing photo of me.

Then the copycats as usual…

Sola 2
This day we hit the Ocean.
Judes 3
Then the, “Am I fat?” Kinda people
Haggai 3 1
Then the people who borrow singlets

So we went snorkeling. And this was the most amazing part of the trip. The coral was just, breath-taking. It made me add one thing to my bucket list – deep sea diving.

Siloma 2
Fun ++
Siloma 3 1
I love how my sister poses for photos. Sijui aliona samaki sponsor.
Haggai 4
Now this Maasai never knew how to swim. His eyes popped like sponge bob ?

Am a swimmer, I have to warm it up with some cool-downs

Siloma 3

We went to a local joint for some Italian Pizza

Fam 5
Yeah I still love my home. ?

Tuktuk Girl. At least this was an original work of art.

Sola 4
Then, “I want one good one with a Tuktuk!”

That was a well-deserved trip. It was amazing. I loved it. I had lots of fun.


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