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My name is Siloma Stephen. Can you imagine I wanted to be teacher when I grew up? Well, don’t blame me, blame my village, Rombo, a small village in the heel of Kajiado county.

But who said teachers are not valuable teachers in the society? My mother was a primary school teacher for 40 years and today, I am a brand strategist and a personal branding coach. All I do is teaching. Guess my dreams came true!

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I Was A Total Failure!

Damn! I have done lots of things.I have been a deejay, I have operated a cyber cafe, I was a graphic designer, a farmer, a software engineer, a mental health advocate, a political blogger, a professional photographer, sold T-shirts, a web developer, a digital marketer, a computer technician, a pianist, a teacher, a writer, sold photo frames & mounts among many other things.

Below are all the businesses that I started. I thought that branding involved having a good logo and a website. 99% of them failed.

Brands I have created

Ignorance is The Mother of All Emotions

Research says that 90% of startups fail. A whooping 9 out of 10 startups will fail. My biggest wish is that you don’t become a statistic. You may have come across the Nokia’s CEO Interview where he says, “We did nothing wrong! We just went extinct!” Well, someone did something wrong – they failed to innovate and adapt.

Don’t be among the statistic, strive to stand away from the crowd. You might be wondering, how do I create my brand? Do I do a company brand or a personal brand? This is why I created you this FREE Ebook about, ‘5 Money Murdering Mistakes No Web or Graphic Designer Will Dare Tell You!”

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I have been most things and also done a lot of things but I cannot say I know all things. All I can say is that I know how to fail and so miserably for that matter but the biggest thing I would want for anyone is to learn from those mistakes and not undergo the pain and loss that I have. I want you to learn from the me who refused to accept failure and the me that refused to quit

Let me help you brand better. Let me help you know what you are doing and why you are doing the things you are doing. Let me help you get more clients and increase revenue in your business.