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Siloma’s prowess in creative writing is nothing short of exceptional. His words flow with poetic grace, weaving stories and narratives that transport readers to enchanting worlds, leaving them captivated by his literary artistry.

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A Man is Dead Featured Image

A Man is Dead

If you schooled in Rombo Boys Primary school then you are aware of muguru. A state of the art swimming pool that grew with both parents, ate only cereals for breakfast and went to group of schools.

Tokta Love

Tokta Love

There are those days where you lazily go home. The days you ask yourself what would have happened if you refused to be pushed off your mother’s cervix and just stayed intact attached to your food resource pipe and eternally moonwalked inside the womb.

Majini Za Mombasa

Majini Za Mombasa

How many of you have seen a jini? And I don’t mean Genie in a bottle. You know there is a difference between a genie and a jini? I think a genie is white; either British or from the US. You see the way you set up your new laptop or phone and you are asked to choose your language?

Wamama Wa Halia

Wamama Wa Halia

Rumor has it that the fresh grain eating pests have morphed into more potent and lethal organisms able to withhold more resources for more and improved services. It is said that the new breed now hide in different and more advanced cocoons called the CX5.

How To Evade Nairobi Thieves For Dummies 🤪

How To Evade Nairobi Thieves – For Dummies 🤪

You see, there is some guy somewhere so bitter, chocking with bile that you guys decided to put the chicken seller in power and not Mauzes who would take him to Canaan and give him KES 6,000 every month.

Balelo The Wee Wee 1

Balelo & The Wee-Wee

What a sad story. You rather die than have a goat chew your wee-wee. Glory to God that I am alive. I wonder what they could have said was the cause of death.

My Barber is The Real Baba The Fifth

My Barber is The Real Baba The Fifth

My barber was born in the age of Sparta where men were born on ice, played with snakes and ate mashed crocodile skin. He has shaved my cranium for four good years and I am about to make him The Real #BabaThe5th.

I Finally Bought The Damn Thing

I Finally Bought The Damn Thing!!!

Do you know those things you keep saying or have said in the past, “Mimi siwezi, kwani mimi ni mwanamke!” but end up doing them? Well, I must confess it was either my life of ze zing! But I know many of you won’t believe me but isokay! Ze Lord is my witness!

My Village People Photo Credit www.kikuyucradle.com, Rocco DeFilippis

My Village People

My village people, I know you are eagerly waiting to help us offload our baggage off our cars as you give us those double-sided hugs. Forgive us for touching your kids’ hair and asking them ‘ulikuwa number ngapi’ as if we have something great planned for them.

Plot Ten

Plot Ten

Plot ten was a no-go zone because it was where prostitutes and chang’aa bruised degenerates would do their transactions. One day we were awakened by wails and I witnessed something that completely changed my life.

Mama Soda

Mama Soda

I thank Mama Soda for my life because the first fridge I ever saw in life was hers (Or was it Coca-Cola’s? 😕). I knew that all refrigerators were red and they had a posho mill engine because of the noise they produced.

A Shocked African Mum

Born of An African Mum

My mom is the reason I am not married. I remember I was standing beside my primary school crush spitting M.S Patel’s English Aid lines and she swiftly walked past us jealously saying, “You wouldn’t say that this is the same Siloma who farts like a torn drum every night.”

Visual Storytelling

Beyond Zero Narok Tour Featured Image

Beyond Zero Narok Tour

Shoot: Beyond Zero Narok Tour Location: Narok County Stadium Gadget(s): Nikon D750 Accessories: Yonguo 560 IV Speedlite Lenses: Nikon 24-70mm & Sigma 70-300mm This was an amazing shoot. The first

Street Cows of Kenya Featured Image

The Street Cows of Kenya

Shoot: The Street Cows of Kenya Location: Narok & Kajiado Counties Gadget(s): Nikon D750 Accessories: None Lenses: 50mm prime & Sigma 70-300mm This is a sad post! So let’s first

57 scaled

Edgar & Yvonne: Wakanda to My KDF Date

Shoot: Engagement (Edgar & Yvonne) Location: Nairobi Arboretum Gadget(s): Nikon D750 Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III & IV, Color Gels, Soft Boxes Lenses: 50mm prime & Nikon 24-85mm Photographers: Stephen Siloma

Haya leta kitole ?

Kavuu Weds Leyian

Event: Wedding (Elvis Leyian & Maggie Kavuu) Location: Karen Country Lodge Gadget(s): Nikon D750 Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III Lenses: 50mm prime & Sigma 70-300mm Photographers: Stephen Siloma of Brait Photography

Joseph Nkaiserry & Ole Ntutu

10 Political Leaders I Shot

Location: Various – Narok, Kajiado, Oloitokitok Gadget(s): Nikon D3300 | Nikon D3200 Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III or None Lenses: Kit Lens 18-55mm mostly & Sigma 70-300mm Over the past two

Maasai Wedding

Nashipai & Kereto – Issa Maasai Affair

Location: Naisoya, Narok Gadget(s): Nikon D3300 Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III This was no ordinary wedding. Because I got to know all the mamas in the kitchen and they kept asking,

Sunset Shoot 41 scaled

Sunset Bath

Location: Some open field next to Lexingtone Hotel – Narok Gadget(s): Nikon D3300 Accessories: Godox Softbox Grid, Yongnuo 560 III Last week we turned a local Kinyozi into a studio.


A Kinyozi For A Studio

Location: HQ Kinyozi Narok Gadget(s): Nikon D3300 Accessories: Godox Softbox Grid, Yongnuo 560 III, Yongnuo 560 IV – Do I also need to mention the light stands? ? Now, I have got

Verse5ve 12 scaled

Verse5ve 2017

Event Name: Verse5ve Event Date: Cannot really remember but maybe July 2017 – The photos say so. Theme: It was some Hip Hop thingy so I cannot remember. Location: Bomblast


Worship in The Wild Chapter Three

Event Name: Worship in The Wild III Event Date: 26th August 2017 Theme: Salt & Light Location: Nairobi Arboretum Gadget: Nikon D3300, Yongnuo 560 III Speedlight There is a name

Sunrise Hands

Am Made of Dark

I remember my first silhouette shot. It was during the KkrewBs Photoshoot back in 2015. I never knew how to edit or modify the photo in any way. I just

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