The deafening whirring sound sends the little creatures to their tiny holes. Rabbits, moles and ants could not stand the sight of death. And so did the young lads who played in the open field. The sound of this monster that traversed the sky was not going to capture and send them to the oblivion.

The Sky Monster haunted everyone except Meritei, they fled at its sight. But they were just kids. Today, a voice-over call from the Sky Monster makes Mr. Seremon Kudate’s insides burn in pain. What could be haunting than their first encounter as lads?

“I Longed To Be Their Househelp.” is an intriguing and captivating story about this Tanzanian young girl whose mother was a house help in Mr. and Mrs. Kamau’s home in Kenya. Her late mother was her only role model in life. She wanted to be a house help as well but after clearing primary school her mother sent her to work at a friend’s bar and restaurant in Arusha. Read how she braces all odds to become a successful young lady later in life.

I love the twists in Siloma's books. I love how one expects the book to end in a certain way but ends up entirely differently.

Ogola Jr.

The descriptive writing skill in Siloma's writing intrigues me. His words are better than Picasso's paintings.


As an avid reader of any article Siloma writes, I just buy all and any of his books.

Judith Wairimu

Intriguing like no other!

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