Wealth The Christian Way

Lord, sometimes I see wealthy people Adorned in pearls, gold and purple tunics I see them fat, with fat wallets and fat cars I see them walking in a rich

Love Your Enemies?

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.45pm Anger is what I feel when they jeer at me Resentment takes the best of me When they torture my soul and rip my heart

Sometimes Lord

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.32pm Sometimes Lord, my faith is shaken There’s too much theory about you Everyone has their perception of you And when they share, it conflicts with

Lord, Me Again

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.20pm Lord, it’s me again on my knees Constant with my wails and pleas Vast than oceans and seas Lord, it’s me again Lost, wallowing in

Lord, Have You Forsaken Me?

Friday, 29th December 2017, 6.07am Lord, I woke up today, weary Burdened and feeling eerie I woke up with weak limbs And my heart heavy with sadness I woke up,

My Virtuous Wife

God, let me go home to a wife who loves you more than me Who loves your house more than our house And loves your son more than our sons

Lord, How Do You Want Me to Lead?

Lord, how do you want me to lead? If I cannot lower my temper? At the very bottom of the meter? Lord, how do you want me to lead? If


If she wanted to call she would have If she wanted to reply that text She would have done in an instant Because you matter to her If she wanted

Oh Wretched Man

Oh, wretched man that you are Will you not look at your scars? And keep what harms you far? Oh, wretched man that sins Will you ever stop being mean?


I can see the burning coals in my neighbor’s soul Lighting his eyes red and turning his heart cold I can see the hate fueled by the words of others

Lord, Give Me Enough Grace

Lord, I remember the days I used to fall prostrate in tears Blaming you for the misfortunes in my life I remember the days in pain I asked for a

The Artist’s View

There’s what a farmer sees in a barren and untilled land There’s the form that a sculptor sees in a trunk Just as there’s thirst that thrives when a painter’s

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