This is Why So Many Maasai Ladies Are Not Married

This is Why So Many Maasai Ladies Are Not Married
This is Why So Many Maasai Ladies Are Not Married
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If you want to bring down the firmest structure you will start out by figuring out how you will crash the strongest pillars. There was a very big reason why the Maasai were collaborators as Kenya was being colonized by the British.

This simply meant that the most fierce and brutal warriors in the land bowed down to the white man. Of course word went round that the most fierce warriors of the land collaborated with the enemy and the weaker communities knew that they stood no chance.

After collaborating, the Maasai were driven out of their prime land and sent to reserves which were later adjudicated as group ranches. According to a research paper by Paul Ntiati, “Group Ranches Subdivision Study in Loitokitok Division of Kajiado District, Kenya” Group ranches were adjudicated with the principal objectives being to:

  • Increase the productivity of pastoral land by increasing off-take
  • Pre-empt landlessness among the Maasai due to allocation of individual ranches to some pastoralists
  • Improve the earning capacity of pastoralists
  • Reduce environmental degradation from overgrazing on communal lands.

Sadly, citing the poor management of these group ranches, local leaders and key influential people have influenced the dissolution of group ranches to individual sub-division of land which were later sold at throw away prices. This explains why the Maasai are landless and have been pushed away from their prime lands in Ngong, Kitengela, Rongai, Kiserian and Isinya.

Anyway, away from land. I will write it extensively in another article. Let’s talk about Maasai ladies today. Shall we?

If I want to dominate the world today I will start by thinking how I will infiltrate the strongest communities. I will not give a hoot about the weak ones. So how will I infiltrate the strongest communities? Well, I will start with their culture, their core beliefs and the very foundation on which they stand.

Maasailand has become like Kibera; a land with too many NGOs but with the same problems day in day out. The aged Maasai man is now degrading in poverty and sickness since land has been subdivided and there is no pasture. His male children are struggling with alcohol and failed marriages.

Ironically, his female children go home with Range Rovers, Toyota Land Cruisers, Mercedes Benzes and at least Mini SUVs like Cx5s and Subaru XVs. Meanwhile the Maasai boychild is a beggar, gambler and a thief in the streets of local towns roaming around with old scrawny motorcycles most of which were purchased by their fathers.

Starting from the late 80’s there were a lot of NGOs in Maasailand advocating for the rights of the girl child. Their main agenda was to break the Maasai community in pieces by introducing feminism to the already vulnerable Maasai girl. They hid in FGM and early child marriages.

They first taught the girl that FGM is the biggest evil and nobody deserves to undergo it (I am not advocating for FGM). They taught her that she is independent and free to do anything outside the cultural norms because there is no space for the woman in the Maasai community.

Those NGOs fronted by the white man were able to turn the girls against male figures in the community; their fathers, uncles and brothers were seen as the true devils who suppressed their rights. They created women lobby groups in the name of empowerment and told the women that they had the chance to ‘save’ their daughters.

They colluded with their mothers, created safe houses for the girls, schooled them and helped them get jobs in the city; no wonder most of them are very learned and with some cash. They also had a soft landing in the city as there was a notion that Maasai girls are very attractive and loyal and men flocked to please them.

The government was able to give them preference because they came from a minority group that had no place for women. It is through this that they were able to access good jobs, powerful connections and opportunities.

Because they got too much attention, first from the white man, second, from these wealthy Nairobi guys, their value increased. A woman who only knew the neighborhood of Enkeju Emuny’ now knows Dubai and DC inside out. They now could access posh and fancy restaurants and money to buy themselves good things.

To them, the words prophesied to them by the white men and NGOs came to pass. It was indeed true that the only hinderance to their success were their fathers, uncles and brothers. Their mothers however became the saints and this now brought the present conflict and division within the Maasai family.

Because the NGOs are sustained by donor funding and have to showcase their success stories, these ‘successful’ women preached the same anti-FGM campaign in schools, churches and communities further demonizing the men in the society. Again, don’t quote me wrong, I am not advocating for FGM.

Because they preached the same message, had the same way of life, they formed groups and had the same agenda; to empower their mothers and other women in the society. Maasai ladies are the people who have built houses for their mothers, they have bought them cars, clothes and regularly send monthly allowances to them.

Meanwhile, the modern mum who dresses so nicely can no longer be seen with an old man with Maasai shukas. She is now the talk of the village. She is the voice in marketplaces, churches and town centers. She is constantly praised for supporting her girlchild and for her girl child’s success. She is the leader of the women group in churches and is frequently called to talk to young girls.

The fathers are always sitting under trees in marketplaces with dry mouths lamenting the degraded Maasai culture and keep asking themselves what or where they went wrong. Meanwhile, their wives get all the niceties from the girls, they have house helps and smartphones where they get to video call their grandchildren.

The bond between the Maasai girl and her mother has grown tremendously. Maasai women constantly say they are proud of their girls but regret giving birth to their male counterparts who are languishing in alcohol and all they think is selling the ancestral land.

The young men in Maasai are blamed for being lazy and clueless. They forget that they are mostly depressed, they have no father figures to look up to apparently because NGOs demonized their father figures and they now told to be like their sisters. This adds pepper to the sore relationship between the Maasai men and their sisters.

In some places in Maasailand, the old men have been brainwashed that their boys are wasted alcoholics with no focus and they disinherit their sons to inherit their sisters because they send a little something every month. In turn, the daughters come home with their lovers who either sell the land, farm on the land and get crazy returns or build mansions on the farm. Some shamefully employ their brothers to build and work in these mansions.

Because their sisters got access to good education and opportunities in the city and because the pastoralist way of life is rapidly dying down, the young men of Maasailand have got no option but to beg their sisters for money.

They will be told things like, “Can’t you work hard like other men?” And the sisters will forget that these men were herding when they were being empowered. They forget that as they went to marketplaces and saw the possibility of a different life, these men were in the bush. As they got scholarships in fancy schools, these men attended local village schools.

Sometimes these brothers sabotage their sisters’ projects at home, and steal from their investments. In turn, they become a nuisance, are constantly name called by everyone and that’s why so many Maasai ladies complain about their brothers. Sadly, most of them they end up depressed and in alcoholism.

The biggest mistake their parents do is to get them wives thinking that wives will help them settle. They think that with the responsibility of children, these young men will wake up and become noble and respected members of the society.

Well, most of them marry over three, four, five times with no success. Why? Because the core of the matter is not settled. These men have been broken for years and they are continuously breaking every day because nobody appreciates them, nobody is willing to help and the focus is constantly on the girl child.

Enough of the boy child. I have tons to write about the Maasai boy child and I will do it in another article.

The modern Maasai lady has grown in leaps and bounds. For the longest time they were caged in what they called ‘strict cultural norms’ that dehumanized the woman but they now have freedom. They will do anything they please. If you uncage a slave they will go over and above their freedom.

This explains why the most successful people have undergone tremendous challenges and hardships. They became successful because they know how hardship tastes and they will do all it takes not to have a glimpse of it again.

Maasai ladies have seen their mothers submit to their fathers, some have seen their mothers being lashed in front of all her kids, some have seen their mothers having no voice in the family, some have seen how their mothers have struggled to make ends meet and deep in their hearts and at a very young age, they resolved that that wasn’t going to be their life.

This is why some work really hard, some are go-getters and some will do anything and everything no to live such a life. Their brothers on the other hand have had the favor of their fathers, were always taught the way of life by their fathers and they knew that they will inherit their fathers’ properties. They relaxed.

NGOs stepped in and greatly empowered the women and their daughters and were taught how to self-sustain themselves. In the death of pastoralism, the girl child and the mother ended up richer than the man and his son. Because the man has too many children who need fees, he is now lacking. The man has to now submit to the wife who apparently has control through the help of the daughter.

Many marriages are in shambles because the woman who was the victim for so long is now on top and the man has nothing to do but to obey to receive the niceties from the daughters and wives. They now make big and concrete decisions for the family.

They have the say, and a big one for that matter. They control the assets and all the resources because they now help the father in schooling his children. And this is the first way to explain the massive sale of land in Maasailand.

When the Maasai ladies come home they are swarmed by aunties, uncles, cousins etc. because they give handouts. They now have a say and they are invincible. Imagine being a cockroach in a den of lions for years and coming back to the den of lions and every lion bows at your feet ready for your command.

If you are a force, a whirlwind in a very powerful community where a woman was once a nobody, do you think a man will have a say in your life? Hell No! Does this explain the numerous broken marriages among elite Maasai women?

Women are known to only marry alpha males, someone powerful than them, someone way higher than them in intellect, finances, spirituality and manhood (The state of just being a bold, brave, no-nonsense man who doesn’t simp). Women yearn to marry lions.

How many lions are there, well, very few. To the level of Maasai ladies, there are few lions. The crop of Maasai ladies in the market are diligent go-getters with a goal and a purpose. They want dominion. They do not just want money, they do not just want positions. They want money and positions that come with power and influence and their goal is to have it no matter what.

They know the true meaning of dominion. They saw it in their dads as they grew up. They know the value of power and influence. They know the meaning of ‘Olaiguanani’ and ‘Orkitok’. They know how men with power and influence in their society are treated. They are treated with fear and trembling. They are treated with honor and respect. They want that.

But women are naturally created to submit. Before you throw stones at me, I am Christian and I base my arguments on the Bible. A powerful woman will only submit to a more powerful husband than herself unless she has mercilessly beaten her flesh and constantly reminded herself that the husband is the head of the house like Abigail who married a foolish Nabal.

Does this answer you on the constant headlines of powerful Maasai women at war with their husbands? Well, someone wise told me that women always want to marry lions, they want to feel the mane and tremble at the roar. Women being women, they constantly want to change that lion into a cat and the day that lion stops roaring and purrs like a cat, that’s it.

Maasai ladies have lived with lions for years. They are bold, intelligent and they know where they are going. This is why if they find a more powerful man they will thrive in their marriage. They become a powerful force that can do immeasurable things.

Sadly, because most Maasai ladies are beautiful, smart, bold, want dominion and total freedom they wouldn’t submit to anyone that doesn’t give them that freedom. They know the cost of what they term as ‘slavery’ and anything restrictive to them wouldn’t count.

This post is not an attack on Maasai women. It is a simple explanation of how feminism can damage a society. While feminism can hide in hashtags like #EndFemicide, its true hidden agenda is to break marriages and cultures. Inasmuch as these bold and attractive Maasai women keep boasting that they do not need men or marriage, deep inside they yearn for it.

Feminism is of the devil. It never started the other day. It started with Alice Bailey in 1922 when the devil visited her and told her to start the New Age Movement through the Luciferian Publishing Company now called the Lucis Trust. You guys can go look her up.

She has written tons of books for the devil and she doesn’t shy to say she wrote them for her father the devil. She came up with the ’10 Point Plan’ which seeks to destroy the Church and spread Satanism. Feminism is one of them and to make you go real nuts, the UN stands on these points.

The 10 points are:

  1. Take God and prayer out of the education system – Haven’t they done so? This is why they removed the creation story and taught evolution.
  2. Reduce parental authority over the children – Did you know that in most countries you cannot punish your kid. Ever heard of Notty Corner?
  3. Destroy the Judeo-Christian family structure or the traditional Christian family structure – This is now how they used their NGOs camouflaging as human rights movement to break marriages. Feminism was used to make women independent of men to break marriages.
  4. If sex is free, then make abortion legal and make it easy – Pro abortionists hide in the notion of ‘what if the victim was raped?’ I ask, ‘Is anything too hard for the Lord?’
  5. Make divorce easy and legal, free people from the concept of marriage for life – Isn’t this happening already?
  6. Make homosexuality an alternative lifestyle – This is why the West are pushing this agenda so bad. They want to remove God in Nations so that they end up in flames like Sodom & Gomorrah.
  7. Debase art, make it run mad – Do you now know that Twitter now has porn. Like real porn? Do you realize that most artworks today are just full of nudity?
  8. Use media to promote and change mindsets – Githeri media. They will use the media to run their campaigns ati ooh “Women have a right!” “We are fighting for gays” Have you ever seen a demonstration of people fighting for the rights of orphans? Or Street children or the boy child?
  9. Create an interfaith movement – Have you heard of this claim that we should focus on things that we agree on and not on those that we cannot? We can find a common ground? Well, the Bible says, “Two cannot walk together lest they agree.”
  10. Get governments to make all these law and get the church to endorse these changes. – Day by day governments are taking the rights of its citizens. You saw it during COVID. Now they announced a disease X which is coming soon.

I have lots of things to share about this. I write them in my other blog – where I write to awaken the child of God on the true revelation of Christ.

Now, after all these Maasai ladies have had the power, money and influence, what do we remain with? A family that cannot sit together during dinner? A family that is so broken, sad and depressed? A family that wants to prove to the world that they are doing better?

Maasai ladies I implore you, having read this post, sit down with your brothers. Reason with them, maybe all they need to hear is from you. Maybe they just need a voice of assurance from you. Maybe you are their pillar. Maybe they once looked up to you but the person they looked up to turned against them and they have totally lost hope.

Again, your father is not your enemy. These people had a way of life and FGM was rooted deep inside them. Do not despise them for their way of life. Do not split your parents because of money. The two met before you existed. The idea is to finish well as a solid family with a solid culture.

How do I know all these? I am Maasai myself and for years I have traversed Maasailand consulting for NGOs and individuals doing photography. I have worked in Maasailand and I talk to so many people especially the old. You can say this is an article from what I have observed for years.

Maasai men, I implore you as well, do not simply give up or get jealous because your sisters are doing better than you. They may have had a head start but the idea is to finish together as a family. Above all things, ask for wisdom. Ask it from God, He gives it freely without reproach.

It is time the Maasai family stops disintegrating. It is time the name calling stopped. It is time the pride and the ego ceases to be a factor and together as families we build a culture. A stronger one than before. It hurts to be told on these streets, “Oooh you are Maasai? I hear you guys are very stupid, I hear you guys once owned Nairobi. You have now sold the whole of Ngong, Rongai, Kitengela, Kiserian, Isinya, and are now being pushed further. Si unitafutie shamba huko kwenu?”

Look at other communities, they have frequent meetings every year. They have safe spaces to vent and make peace with each other. They drop down the feeling of ‘greatness’ and ‘importance’ and decide to work together and with that, their small cousins and women chamas save enough money to come and buy huge tracts of land from you. Unity is strength.

If you want to scatter the sheep, scatter the shepherd. The shepherds were the Maa fathers who were painted as devils by these NGOs. Their sheep have scattered in bitterness and hate and in their confusion, their land has been bought at throw away prices. They now lay low sicky under tree shades awaiting their death.

Go study how FGM is tackled elsewhere. Just go study how the Meru & Tharaka Nithi antiFGM campaigns are/are handled. Go check how many safe houses they have. Compare it with the ones in Maasailand and Samburu. Go check how they introduced alternative rights of passage. Check their families after integration and compare it with the Maa ones.

A Very Big Disclaimer!

I didn’t write this post to endorse FGM. I am not against any organizations performing antiFGM campaigns or rescuing girls from early marriages. All I am advocating for is that as they work, they should not disintegrate the families by painting the fathers as devils and their mothers as angels. This creates a very big rift in the family and everybody loses. I also didn’t write it to expose the Maasai girl or demean her. I am also not endorsing the bad and reckless behavior of the Maa boy child as some of them are just nuts and spoilt. The point of this article was to highlight issues that can be solved amicably and strengthen the Maa family system

Guys, pray for your families a lot. God answers prayers. Pray from a finished perfective. It is done!

Keep tuned. Subscribe. This is a space where I write silly things, thoughts and escapades.

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