Worship in The Wild Chapter Three



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Event Name: Worship in The Wild III

Event Date: 26th August 2017

Theme: Salt & Light

Location: Nairobi Arboretum

Gadget: Nikon D3300, Yongnuo 560 III Speedlight

There is a name that comes to mind whenever I hear of Worship in The Wild – Dj KK, Kevin Kabora who needs two other names Mazda Demio. KK kindly rebrand to Dj KKMD (Sounds like Dj Kimoda ?)

If you have never attended #WITW kindly do not miss season four – Dj Kimoda I hope kutakuwa na #WITW4. It is a place where very young people go to challenge each other on Odi dance, get to mingle, get inspiration and worship (This is the sweetest part)

I was actually on another shoot and I was praying that it ends fast so that I can get to #WITW3, the Uber guy driving me was a young guy who after telling him that I was going to Arboretum he told me, “Are you going to #WITW3? I have always wanted to go and maybe this is a sign from above that today I should spend time there.” Sadly it was just a sign because as soon as we parked he got another request and said, “I’ll be back!”

I thank God that I got to know about Pompi through #WITW3 – Been listening to his music ever since. So nimewacha story, twende kwa photos.

First Impressions

People Dancing In The Grounds
People Dancing in the grounds
The Event
The Event
Sound Guys
Sound guys

Now you have evidence that everything was set and the sound guys were paid, let’s go to the second part – The international celebrities and lead instrumentalists.

Ed, Edd And Eddie
From left: Ed – International Keyboardist, Edd – International drummer and Eddy – International Artist

Ed had just landed from Arusha, Edd was in some mutura joint in Gachie, no wonder he cannot keep his tongue to himself and Eddy was scrubbing his heels from the previous day football match. Anyone who read Supa Strikas? He is dancing rasta.

Ed, Edd And Eddie
Ed, Edd and Eddie

The problem with international artists is that they laugh at very silly things, even when someone points his nose.

Ed, Edd And Eddie
Ed, Edd and Eddie

And they won’t just stop, I guess Edd remembered his sumptuous mutura.

Now, let’s meet the beauties

From Right: Lechy &Amp; Friend
Lechy (right) poses with a friend
This queen and sound are bae
Her highness inspects the venue
We found her, the WhatsApp emoji – ?‍♀
Jasmine. I think her name is derived from Just Mine – JusMine

Being a public figure, Eddy had to pose with some of his fans

Eddy Poses With Kendol
Eddy poses with a fan

And his bouncer followed suit

Isteeve Poses With Kendol
Eddy’s bouncer poses with a fan

Then the music

The music started – you can guess the name of this song

Then these people had to kuokoka ndio wawashe jiko – BUt I wonder which type of Bazokizo is this. But let me humble myself because I not only have two left feet but also ten dumb fingers.



Shake It

And what type of dancing is this? These people look like Italian monuments. Are they even dancing to the same song?

Funny Dancing
Funny dancing

Haya, kila mtu abebe shida zake juu ?


When the MC starts a new dance of his own and everyone gets confused.

Dsc 0807
Girls dancing at the event

I will say this and I will repeat it again. Old men, please, let the young people have fun. This jibaba is doing Odi dance. Let’s call him sponge bob.

Dsc 0836
Sponge Bob

Then he remembers his old days. These are the type who say, “Nyinyi makijana hamanjui kupinga densi” ?

Sponge Bob Old Moves
Sponge bob old moves

By now you are expecting that the organizer of this event is someone in a suit holding two iphones but wapi. This is Dj Kimoda on the left, the organizer of the event. Good work brathe.

Dj Kimoda
Dj Kimoda

Meet one of the Ndee-Njeys

Mike Muema Of Manyatta Music Does His Thing
Mike Muema of Manyatta Music does his thing

There were performances from Nasara and Noiz (if am not wrong – forgive me am from Oloitokitok)


And kumbe Laura can shoki shoki, kweli this is Jambo Kubwa ?

Laura Dancing To The Tune
Laura dancing to the tune
Laura Dancing
Laura dancing

And then her amazing performance

Laura Performing
Laura Performing
Karwirwa Laura
Karwirwa Laura

Then this is why I loved #WITW I got to know some amazing guy called Pompi. Lucky me I don’t pretend the way ati I listen to him. I was floating as he sang his songs.

Pompi Performing
Pompi performing
Pompi Performing At #Witw3
Pompi performing at #WITW3

Every photographer has those friends who eternally say, “Take me one.” And later, “You guy, where are the photos?” Ndio hawa watu wa take me one. They even deserve to be posted in the comments because they are the ‘free’ in buy one get one free.

The first culprit as usual ni Sponge bob

Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob & Kanyambu

The second one hawajaachana sana. Actually, they are friends so they share the same tabias.

Kanyambu Poses With A Friend
Kanyambu poses with a friend

Then this guy who calls himself Davido. He had a branded #WITW2 T-shirt. He comes with a last year T-Shirt to another year’s event. Who does that? (haha slay queens do you feel me?) But talk of ‘you should know people’. These are the best people to go with in parties because you won’t stay hungry.


Gentlemen in the dark

Don &Amp; Chege
Don & Chege

And then Sponge bob said that he wants a photo with Manyatta Music

Sponge Bob &Amp; Mike
Sponge Bob & Mike

Then the group photo

Group Photo
Group Photo

That was one amazing event. Please don’t miss Chapter 4 of #WITW.

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