What is Life?

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What is life
If I cannot dance in the rain
And cannot engage in my childhood plays

What is life
If I dread to pursue my dreams
For the fear of being ridiculed

What is life
If I cannot live the life I wish
But live to please

What is life
If I cannot roll in mud
Nor sigh and fart

What is life
If I take spears from all directions
And undergo pain untold

What is life
If I cannot tell her I love her
Because she is with another man

What is life
If in pain I smile
And in smiles I fake

What is life
If by trouble I live
And in sweat I toil

What is life
If I have to fake it to make it
But no one wants the real me

What is life
If I have to conform
And not stand out

What is life
If evil is the new good
And fake is the real thing

What is life
If when I need it I don’t have it
And when I have it I don’t need it

If the world hates you
Know that it hated me first


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