Those of the Church



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Those of the church
Wear long dresses
And keep short nails
Those of the church
Have a saint’s salutation
And heavy Bible lingo
Those of the church
Abide to the rules
Set forth for completeness
In faith and in salvation

Those of the church
Have a specific gait
As their paths are directed
Those of the church
Mingle not with those with filth
Those of the church
Walk with heavy Bibles
And fancy notebooks
Those of the church
Have their own set
Own laughter
Own friends
And ways

But am not of the church
As am under no law
I don’t have to prove
My worthiness to man
I don’t have to show
How much of a Christian I am
I am not of the church
As I mingle with anyone
But not yoked to their doings

I am fully aware of my finiteness
And imperfectness
But I let no man
Set rules of how
My Christian life should be
But I go to my knees asking God
To help me heed the rebuke of a brother
I am not of the Church
I am the church

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