They Will Still Talk

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Happy soul ultra pro max!

They talked about my pregnancy
They gossiped about my clubbing
Their mouths murmured the love triangle ordeal
That hit local and international news
They talked of how my father had failed
A pastor who evangelized but led his family astray

Now that I found the light
Now that He cut off what didn’t bear fruit in me
Now that He humbled me and changed me
They still talk, saying am mockery to the faith
Saying that am filth who doesn’t belong
They strain their ears amidst the loud preaching
As their fingers point to my position

But who are they? Christians?
Who do they take themselves as? Holier than thou?
And what should I do? Care about what they say?
Lose my faith because they say I do not belong?
No, am different, I will show them love
I will give them a genuine smile for that matter
And teach them the way of Christ

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