The Speck in His Eye

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Happy soul ultra pro max!
When the ‘soot-stained’ raise their hands
Acknowledging God’s presence
When someone you loathed before
Cries upon the spirit-filled sanctuary
It feels fake, a mockery to the faith
When someone who owes you money
Stands up for a prosperity testimony
It crashes your soul, breaking your heart
But why the speck in his eye
And not the log in yours?
It is heart-wrenching to see him serve
That who was in debauchery yesternight
It hurts to see them blessed
To see them prosper, endowed beyond measure
It kills when they rise to the crown
And when they get the recognition
While you, holier than thou, a no one
It is rough when someone you ain’t at terms with
Seems holier, closer to God
But why the speck in his eye
And not the log in yours?
But who are you to judge?
Who are you to gauge someone’s spirituality?
What past relations do you link to someone’s present?
What happened to ‘turn the other cheek?’
Do you preach water and drink wine?
Is church for you, ‘the perfect’?
Or the one in need of a savior?
Is it for those who need for recognition?
Or those broken, those in need of healing?
But why the speck in his eye
And not the log in yours?
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