The Girl I Love

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Happy soul ultra pro max!

The girl I love loves me back
As my talk and walk takes her aback
The girl I love makes me a happy lark
By how she smiles and cracks jokes
And how she understands me better

I have watched her date different men
As I wallow with wino women and different girls
She has cried off her heartbreaks on my lap
And cured my sadness on her shoulder
Yet we remain, ‘Good Friends’ and no more

The girl I love makes me happy
As together we’ve made resolutions
On who to date next, who is better than the latter
We’ve both said we are done
With the love that hurts and cuts
But still we are cocooned into this friend zone

It is sad that she says we can’t be
And I echo the same, her friend was once my love
It is sad that we will watch each other be with other people
Married off and with kids
But still the force, the darting energy in us
Would still rise at our every encounter
Reminding us that we were perfect for each other
But time would have swallowed the sweeter part
And we would realize that we were the best thing we never had

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