Sunset Bath



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Location: Some open field next to Lexingtone Hotel – Narok

Gadget(s): Nikon D3300

Accessories: Godox Softbox Grid, Yongnuo 560 III

Last week we turned a local Kinyozi into a studio. This week we turn a grazing field to be a sweet spa where the models bathed in the sunset. As usual, I start with ‘others’ ?

As usual pastor Olonana has to start blessing the venue with his, “Mbinguni kuna shungwa na ndimu” song.

Pastor Olonana
Pastor Olonana

And then we needed one mshungaji to test the camera settings.

Mshungaji Tests Camera Settings
Mshungaji tests camera settings

Kumbe he reads some politics and has seen those Bwana Tumbos clasping their hands on every photo they take.

Mshungaji Clasps Hands
Mshungaji clasps hands

And he joins Pastor Olonana

Pastor Olonana &Amp; Mshungaji
Pastor Olonana & Mshungaji

THE END – I mean the end of such faces. The camera is now tested. The settings are okay. Now to what brought us here.

Wakaar: Aki woiye si kesho tutaenda shoot juu leo kumenyesha?

Me: Tutaangalia

Wakaar: Aki paliiiz! Angalia venye tulikuwa tumebeba nguo

Me: (Almost joking about it, then I realize my pastor is watching) Tutaangalia…

Wakaar: Aki wooooiye…

Here goes the woiye girl ?

Wakaar - The Woiye Girl
Wakaar – The Woiye Girl
Hold The Chin
Hold the chin

And then… Aki woiye, can I sit?

Wakaar Sits
Wakaar sits

Then came Elsie, the lady who talks less.

Sunset Bath
Sunset Bath

Then Dayo

Sunset Shoot 19
Sunset Shoot 21
Sunset Shoot 23
A little turn
Sunset Shoot 24
Orange Blend

Then we go for a commercial break with Mzee Ojwang’

Sunset Shoot 27
Mzee Ojwang

And Papa Shirandula

Sunset Shoot 30

Afro-Sinema continues shortly…

Sunset Shoot 34
Little Nephew
Sunset Shoot 35

As our models changed Sharobaro who happened to be my lights guy took a few

Sunset Shoot 38
And what’s with this pose? Or is it because it was Sunday?

Now we get into Phase II. Elsie leaves us speechless.

Sunset Shoot 41
Sunset Shoot 42

Wakaar hits the stage again

Sunset Shoot 48
Sunset Shoot 51

And Dayo wraps it for us

Sunset Shoot 59
Sunset Shoot 58

That was my first pro-bono shoot in Narok. I was launching a new pricing line that was friendly to university students especially those in Maasai Mara. I really had fun, it was so nice to work with such amazing souls who never called or texted to ask, “Aki zile photos unatuma lini?” – I can tell you for free that photographers hate this question.

Keep tuned. I will be doing more themed shoots in a couple of days.

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  1. Wow,,,,, this is super dope,,,,big up photographer,,,,, you are a master of your art,,,keep up the good work

  2. I like the storyline and the venue and also the timing.
    It’s a job well done.
    Keep on keeping on.

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