Sometimes Lord



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Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.32pm

Sometimes Lord, my faith is shaken
There’s too much theory about you
Everyone has their perception of you
And when they share, it conflicts with mine

Sometimes Lord, I cannot help it
But believe that you are a falacy
That, man, created you as Sigmund says
Sometimes, nature replaces you

Sometimes Lord, I cannot tell who you are
Sometimes Lord, I cannot fathom your ways
And makes it hard for me to relate to you
Since I cannot understand you

Sometimes Lord, you seem too far
You get insensitive and carefree
You don’t listen or get to think about me
As the devil rips me apart

Sometimes Lord, you feel so sweet
Loving caring, ever present
In my time of need
Sometimes you are the apple of my eye

Sometimes Lord, I feel your presence
I get overwhelmed by your power
And I feel that am ready to die for my faith
I feel invincible

But Lord, if I worship you in season
And disregard you out of season
I become a part time Christian
One who loves you when the conditions are right

But you tell me to be ready in season and out
You tell me to put on the armor and fight
For our wars are not of flesh and blood
But against the powers of this dark world

#LettersToGod #003

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