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Happy soul ultra pro max!

Someone asked me, “Hey? Are you born again?”
I replied, “Depends on which definition of born again you know!”
Someone asked me, “You have not exhausted worldly pleasures, why get saved so quickly? What have you lacked?”
I answered, “To me, getting saved is a fulfillment, not a lacking.”
Someone asked me, “A little sip keeps the doctor away, don’t you know that?”
I answered, “I am well aware of that but a little study of the word is a haven for the doctor to reside in me.”

Someone asked me, “You write too much, don’t you get tired? Aren’t you boring people?”
I replied, “If I complained His gift was too much then He would have no use using me.”
Someone asked me, “Hey, you church people are hypocrites, why do you preach water and drink wine?”
I answered, “Everyone gives account of their lives, I don’t know which ‘people’ these are. If you also see me sin, don’t judge me by my stumbling because unlike you I don’t quit walking.”
It was then that the someone was short of questions, he asked
“Hey, can I give my life to Christ?”

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