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The following are photos that have inspired my year. I have emotional attachment to most of them because they tell a story. They remind me of who I am, where I have come from and what path I am taking in my photography.

Johnson Sakaja

Wanna know why this comes first? Follow this link. I remember we were at a birthday party, Naisula in 30 & Fabulous. Bikozulu did Sakaja’s story that day. He saw me holding a camera and told me, ‘Hey chap, take a good photo of him and send it to me.’ I never hesitated. The two told me to pursue photography because I was good. Trust me I knew nothing about photography then. I got attributed on the Business Daily the following Monday and have pursued photography since then. Exploit after exploit. #NiJesus

  • Johnson Sakaja
  • Johnson Sakaja

Esukuta Boma

Esukuta Boma is an area located deep in Maasai land near a town called Rombo located near the border of Kenya and Tanzania adjacent to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The area is of a harsh terrain and roads are only used by donkeys. The NG-CDF had provided a tank to a borehole that was dug by the Water is Life Foundation. Together with the Kajiado South MP, Katoo Ole Metito, I had the honors to shoot at the official opening of the project. It was stirring to see pupils of Esukuta Boma Primary school shoving to fill their bottles with fresh drinking water. Well, it may not be a big thing to many but fresh drinking water is not common to everyone…

  • Esukuta Boma (1)
  • A child drinking fresh water in Esukuta Boma
  • A child stares at the ongoing speech during the launch of the Esukuta Boma's borehole project

Kamukunji Fire

It was a sad day to 2 families in Kamukunji area in Oloitokitok town when their houses were burnt down to ashes. The youth of Oloitokitok led by MCA aspirant Anthony Merinyo went to give their hand in support of these families.

  • A boy stands on the ashes of what used to be their home
  • A mother whose house burnt to ashes holds her baby as she listens to what the well wishers had to offer
  • A child peeps, awed by the many youth who came to the aid of her family


I love my home. I remember on this particular day, though worn out from the 4 hour journey, I decided to hang around for 2-3 hours awaiting dusk.

  • How the sun sets in Loitokitok town
  • Dusk in Oloitokitok

Muli Musyoka

I never thought that I would ever shoot a CEO in my life. Well, God of the impossibilities. This is Muli Musyoka, CEO of Hairhub Kenya. He is the first Trichologist in Kenya and the third in Africa. I just gave you something to Google about.

  • One of Muli Musyoka's best book is the Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Muli Musyoka reading a fascinating piece in the Couture magazine
  • Muli Musyoka is also a fun guy

Shawn Koonce, Andy Mburu & Moz

I had visited Kubamba Offices and found these guys on Daykio Plaza’s amazing rooftop. Shawn is a Disney Character, no lie.

  • Shawn Koonce & Andy Mburu
  • Shawn Koonce & Andy Mburu
  • Dj Moz

Teule Children’s Home

December 2015, together with friends we happened to organize an event, Twendeni Teule. It was a huge success. I was moved by the many orphaned kids who gave wide smiles. I asked myself why am sad at times, why I sometimes think that the world is unfair. I interacted with some of the kids and heard their stories. It was heart-warming and I thanked God for my life. We are going to Teule on 23rd of December this year, interested? Email me.

  • Teule Children's Home
  • Teule Children's Home
  • Teule Children's Home

The Arboretum Edits

My friends and I once organized a shoot/hangout at Nairobi Arboretum. I was by then a complete amateur. I later came and edited the photos. I loved the edits.

  • The Aboretum Edits
  • The Aboretum Edits

The Amboseli Woman

The Maasai woman is the most industrious woman I know and it was time to appreciate their talent and masterly in craft. I had the humble opportunity to showcase her art.

  • The Amboseli Women
  • The Amboseli Women
  • The Amboseli Women

The Fallen Hero

I had the opportunity to shoot the image of this Maasai leader and hero exactly 19 days before his death. William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama will remain an icon in Maasai history.

  • The Fallen Hero, William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama
  • The Fallen Hero, William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama

The House

For years of renting from town to town, we finally built our home. I luckily shot the final touches. To God be the glory.

Painting our home
Painting our home

The Maasai Woman

Am so much intrigued by the Maasai woman. She is the woman who will cry when they see you on arrival, cry when they see you leave and cry when any misfortune befalls on you. She will give the little she has for you, welcome you and share with you in her joy. One greatest personality about her is that she is very obedient and she is never ashamed of being who she is.

  • The Maasai Women shot at at an event in Oloitokitok #WeAreOne
  • The Maasai Women shot at Amboseli

The President’s laugh

It was during Engineer Ole Nchoe’s thanksgiving party that I captured these moments of my president smiling. A chance of a lifetime.

  • The President's Laugh: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta laughing
  • The President's Laugh: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta laughing
  • The President's Laugh: Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta laughing

The Nephews & Nieces

I love these little ones to death. Since, I have no X-box games to buy them not various hangouts to take them, let me make memories for them.

  • Little Nephew
  • The Nephew
  • The Niece
  • The Niece

The Vintage Cars

I think photography is in my blood. I took these back in the Concours D’elegance back in 2015 when all I knew was to press the shutter. Thank God for editing software.

  • Concours D'elegance 2015
  • Concours D'elegance 2015
  • Concours D'elegance 2015
  • The Vintage Car: Concours D'Elegance 2015

Well, that was my lens story in 2015 and 2016. I hope these photos inspire you as they inspire me. I have to say that it is not by my own strength that I have been able to do all these but all glory belongs to God. Tell me what you want to see next in the comment section below.

With Love

SilomArt Photography

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