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I have seen men under painful toil
As discouragement remarks were made upon them
I have overhead the statement ‘Get a life!’
As they earnestly wished to be like me
Moved by my zeal and wholeheartedness
Saying they could kill to have what I have

They say time is the healer of everything
They say whatever a man puts his effort to
He shall surely succeed
I now wish to be like the men who had a past
Those very ones who wished to be like me
As they have had this triumphant breakthrough

And here I stand maybe blaming myself for doing things wrong
Or maybe blaming God for using me as a poor working model for others
And catapult them to their brilliant destinations
While in utter despair am about to sink
As my hardwork seems to return void

But then I learnt of time zones
That everyone has got their time zones
As in Ecclesiastes, the times of everything
Time to reap and time to sow
Time to cry and time to rejoice
So their time to reap has commenced
And maybe am still sowing good fruits
Not just for me but for others
So, stop blaming nature and God
That your success is delayed
Stop wishing to be like anyone else
Rather know that a bounty harvest requires a huge sowing

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