My ‘Love’



Happy soul ultra pro max!

I still have photos of you
Making merry my gallery
With the memories now rising like chaff
Blown by the wind so rough

I still have memories of you
Lingering in my brain
Poignant of the good times no more
Making my heart bruised and sore

I still have the gift you bought me
The photoframe placed upside down
So as not to elicit feelings
Of the best thing I had, gone

I still have your love
Well tucked between the arteries of my heart
I still have your art
The very poems I write to this day
Sadly, am not even your mat
Nor the birthmark on your lap
It’s painful that I cannot erase it all
This love in me that kicks like a ball
I let it kick into my sensitivities
Bracing the pain of seeing you with another

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