I Love You, I Can’t Help It

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Happy soul ultra pro max!

A million stars cannot outshine your beauty
Just as a billion fairy tales cannot describe who you are
Your worth shames all precious stones
And your smile humiliates all queens
You are this bitter-sweet taste in my heart
One that pricks and sweetens me
You are this memory that cannot fade
One that lingers not for a second but for days
You make my inner world go blue
With memories of you darting like stars in the sky
But sadly….

Stars must shine and the ugliest of clouds must form
Like flowers we bloom but like petals we shrink
By first sights we get bewildered
But lose taste as our tongues become used
To a king’s dine we salivate
But later the fart and the sewer mate
Because sometimes things don’t end up
Like we dearly wanted
This is why sometimes the winds will blow
And calm will soar
The sun must rise and settle again
Just like smooth and rough tides
They both rise and fall at different intensities

I was the jigsaw that never fit
The light that never lit
And the string that was never plucked
You shone my world but I never did in yours
You glimmered in my soul but I was not worth
A wood plank in your artificial fire place
Still, just as the sun rises and falls again
Just as light emanates and darkness concentrates
I will still love you, I cannot help it

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