Lord, How Do You Want Me to Lead?



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Lord, how do you want me to lead?
If I cannot lower my temper?
At the very bottom of the meter?

Lord, how do you want me to lead?
If all seems vague?
And the road rough and winding?

Lord, a flock is behind me
Following and little lambs bleat on my shoulders
See, the bears are salivating at a distance

Lord, am the guardian to your herd
I never crowned this coronet on me
Nor did I make this staff myself

Lord, an army follows me
And bandits lurk in my midst
I am helpless in this barren land

Lord, my flock needs pasture
And am also weak and heavy laden
I, their leader is worn out to lead

When all is dark and hope is gone
When turmoil and dread is just but an ally
We seek your face

Lord, make your face shine upon me
Let your word illuminate my path
Open my eyes so that I may know your will
For your thoughts are not my thoughts
And your ways are not my ways

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