Lord, Give Me Enough Grace



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Lord, I remember the days I used to fall prostrate in tears
Blaming you for the misfortunes in my life
I remember the days in pain I asked for a drop of water in my abyss
And you favored me
To not only get me off Hades
But to elevate me to paradise

Today a young street kid I saw
Coiled by the cold on the pavement
And I remembered my days of tears and agony
As I sat on my bedroom floor leaning on my closet
I remembered my state, worse, but I had a roof on my head
Sad, but I knew you were always on my side
What are the odds that I could have been this street kid?

Here I am in paradise and I have forgotten where you got me from
Here I am, enjoying the fruits of what I now call my labor
Here I am still gratifying the desires of my flesh
Acting all mighty, acting all Holy
Forgetting what role you play in my life
Lord, forgive me, a sinner
Forgive me for not beating my flesh enough
Forgive me for being selfish even to my very own spirit

Even in my perfection your standards I cannot reach
Even in my sanctification your threshold I cannot meet
Because am filthy, soot-stained and fallen in nature
Though I consider myself holier than thou
Lord, do not let your wrath fall against me
Rather give me enough strength, enough grace to beat my flesh

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