Know Your Worth



Happy soul ultra pro max!
If they tell you you ain’t good enough
Neither as a vine nor as gold
If they tell you you ain’t well dressed
Neither as a valet nor as a prince
If they jeer and scoff your accent
Maybe because you don’t own but borrow
Don’t mind the billows, turn a deaf ear
If they look at you in disguise
Like a stack rummaged by mice
If all they see in you is a failure
Someone unworthy
If what they do is take advantage
Of the kindness and your good self
Well, that’s what they see
What you see in yourself matters
They say no man is an island
And so surround yourself
With sweet souls that see your worth
Not hypocrites who suck and gossip
Not those who accomodate you in need
And banish you when they meet
Their ‘Intelligent’ others
It is not your work to revenge
Nor is it yours to fit
It is not your goal to please
Nor is it to find worth in man
It is yours to rejoice when you face
Trials of any kind

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