Kavuu Weds Leyian

Haya leta kitole ?
Haya leta kitole ?
Picture of Siloma


Happy soul ultra pro max!

Event: Wedding (Elvis Leyian & Maggie Kavuu)

Location: Karen Country Lodge

Gadget(s): Nikon D750

Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III

Lenses: 50mm prime & Sigma 70-300mm

Photographers: Stephen Siloma of Brait Photography & Billy Miaron of Bmpicz

I recently bought a new toy, the Nikon D750 and apparently my childhood friend was wedding around the same time so I thought instead of just going to eat the cake, let me accompany and test my new toy. I called a friend up, also a childhood friend, asking if he was carrying his toy, also the D750 and told me because I was a newbie, he would give me intros to the camera and I was like, ‘This goat just bought this camera 5 months ago and now calls me a newbie.’

So let me cut you short of the blah blah blahs…

Elvis & Toikan
Now left (this guy is called Toikan, Tony the best man – he acts like a bodyguard here because he is not married yet. I kid you not this guy was not smiling often, maybe he was protecting the package, the merchandise, the groom, Elvis. Talk of watching another movie, The Transporter ?) On the right, of course, is the man being wedded, let’s call him El.
Mama Kiarie
And this is how Mama Kiarie of Auntie Boss entered ?

Most photographers never have their photos online. This is because nobody shoots them. So this is Bmpicz (Billy Miaron) who runs bmpicz.com

Billy of Bmpicz and mum
Billy of Bmpicz and mum
Mc Neb
Has your mum ever told you to lower your Tv volume so that she can smell something in the kitchen? Meet our Mc, also a friend, Mc Neb who shut his mouth because he smelled something.
The groom, Elvis Leyian
Have you ever noticed that when one man is pressed, all the rest also click to the nearest bush? Now the groom also smelled something. But this was too good that some teardrops were falling? And we were wondering, what’s cooking? Because this onion must be very harsh. ?
Maggie Kavuu & Parents
Kumbe her majesty was arriving. And we all stood up because Maggie was wedding Elvis and not the other way round. ?
Elvis & Pastor
And this chap started smiling. Because food was getting prepared. We all know him since we were little, he loves food together with his childhood friend called Sani, I will introduce him later in this thread. Now look at our bodyguard hapo nyuma ?

And this one doesn’t need any explanation ?

Am the real OG
Am the real OG, you will know you don’t ?
The fleet of beauties
The fleet of beauties

And the pastor said, “Mama Kiarie kuja utuibie kahymn.” It was melodious.

Grace sings a wonderful hymn
Grace sings a wonderful hymn

Meet parents of the groom. We know them as Mama and Baba Leyian or Mama and Baba Elvis. Where we come from we do not call older people by name ?

Parents of the groom
Parents of the groom
Pastor preaching
And so the pastor started preaching

And he said, “Hapa kuna mtu lazima tuwekelee mikono kwanza before tuanze. Tushukuru Mungu kijana amepata mtu. Hizo siku zote amezunguka weddings kama tent ama keki si mchezo.” ?

Grooms parents praying
And the grooms parents saw kweli kijana wetu ametoka mbali. Na Mungu amemuonekania, Ashe Enkai ai. ?
Parents prayed for their son and daughter
Parents prayed for their son and daughter

And both parents were told, “Haya sasa yenu imeisha, wacha tufunge hawa wawili.”

Bride & Groom parents
Bride & Groom parents

And the passie told Elvis to unwrap his gift from above ?

Open the veil brathe
Open the veil brathe, usiogope
Elvis opens Kavuu's veil
Elvis opens Kavuu’s veil

And this guy is just interesting, look at what he does.

Elvis looks at Maggie
This guy looks straight into her eyes and asks himself, “Are you really the one? And where is that ka little ka scar that you always have? ?” And Kavuu’s mind run likes, “Aki kwani hujawahi niona? Stop making this look weird. It’s me, am just this beautiful and charming ?”

And the crowd helps him. Me too. We are in this together bro. Though am the photog who wasn’t spared by the sun.

In the middle sits Leyian’s grandma

And then the vows

Elvis says the vows
Elvis says the vows. “Mimi Elvis Leyian Mashua, naapa ya kwamba itakuwa ni wewe na nothing but wewe, Ee Mungu nisaidie.”
Kavuu is flattered
And then Kavuu goes like, “Aaaaw ni mimi tu? Hakutakuwa na mwingine?” Kumbe the passie’s thoughts run like, “Kwani umesahau part ya mwisho amesema eeh Mungu nisaidie? Mungu ndio anatengenezaga ndoa msichana.”

Elvis’s vow was so bold and macho until Kavuu couldn’t say hers…

Kavuu gets emotional
And this gave Elvis a very big mileage especially to Kavuu’s parents. “This is how I will be wiping her tears.” ?

And then the pastor realized that we were hungry and that some of us had burned their fuel money to come and eat so he said, “Angalieni hapa”

Elvis & Maggie look at the rings
Elvis & Maggie look at the rings

Nimesema angalieni vizuri

Close-up photo of the rings
Close-up photo of the rings

And you know we men talk with our eyes.

Pastor smiles at the bride and groom
He looks at Elvis and says, “Kijana unajua hapa ukiingia ni hivyo, utaenda tu na your last statement ya Ee Mungu nisaidie? Juu she will always be right.”

Kwanza he told Kavuu to tell all the single men goodbye. But this passie has madharau a lot. Am there sun scorched, holding 679 grams of camera coming from Narok and this guy has to feelisha me by reminding me am single, another flower or decor. Isorait. Passie, malipo ni hapa hapa duniani, kwanza you will funga my wedding so that you tell my bride and I to wave to other people like akina Emily, Sani, Charles & Billy.

Bride waves to single men
Bride waves to single men

And as if that was not enough. She looked at me and did a special wave, this was to mean something like, “You guy, oa sasa.”

Maggie mercilessly waves to single guys like akina Sani, Charles & Billy
Maggie mercilessly waves to single guys like akina Sani, Charles & Billy
Elvis now gives that smile
Elvis now gives that smile, not specifically to say goodbye but to tell us, “Mabrathe sasa mimi hii ligi yenu siko.”
Haya leta kitole ?
Haya leta kitole ?
And he put a ring on it
And he put a ring on it making sure he had a wrist thingy that had his name ndio tujue hatujui
Maggie puts a ring on Leyian's hand
Maggie puts a ring on Leyian’s hand

And they were declared husband and wife. ?

Maggie & Elvis (Husband and Wife)
Maggie & Elvis (Husband and Wife oooh sorry Wife and husband)

And we all prayed for a fruitful marriage.

Attendees praying for the bride and groom
Attendees praying for the bride and groom
Attendees praying for the bride and groom
Attendees praying for the bride and groom

Now, this guy… SMH

But huyu alituchesa, this is not praying, this is posing for a prayer shot, if they actually exist
But huyu alituchesa, this is not praying, this is posing for a prayer shot, if they actually exist. This is one of the tents BTW, Charles Mashua, cousin to the groom ?
And they signed it
And they signed it
And they were told to....
And they were told to…. No, I won’t say it, my kid will read this someday ?

And then it was like…

Ara, hii inafanyagwo mushana siku hizi?
Ara, hii inafanyagwo mushana siku hizi?

And the women were like…

Musuri kabisa. Warudie tena
Musuri kabisa. Warudie tena

And Maggie met Leyian’s mom

And Maggie met Leyian's mother
I guess she whispered, “unajua sasa mimi ndio first lady.” And the mom just laughed it off.

And then the photoshoot…

Mama Kiarie ?
Mama Kiarie ?
DSC 0695
DSC 0747

But we got hungry especially one of our tents, Sani – Leyian’s foodmate

Sani, Leyian's foodmate ?
Sani, Leyian’s foodmate ?

I always tell my friends that there is power in food.

And guess what? This guy also works in Narok, a good friend, kumbe tulikuwa tupatane kwa line ya chakula. Enyewe food brings people together, not weddings ? Oooh am the one on the left.
And the food queue grew with our hunger

Some random clicks at the reception

DSC 0994
The Decor ?
DSC 0794
DSC 0759
DSC 0772

Your guy billy never took any photos of food. He should be thoroughly whipped, how can he? But I agree with him, sisi hapana chesa na chakula. The food was amazing, damn!

And then Mc Neb that all women should get outside to dance with the bride. And because people say nakuwaga na umama I went outside to join them.

DSC 0798
Kavuu whisphers, “Tusianze mastyro unajua ndio hawa wazazi.”
DSC 0805
And tony smiled at last because he had successfully delivered the merchandise
DSC 0808
MC Neb went like, “Haya wapi mapega?”
DSC 0818
Meet Elvis’s brother on the right.
DSC 0827
DSC 0832
DSC 0842
DSC 0845
Elvis asks, “Unasikia njaa kama mimi?” Maggie replies, “Cheza chini tuko karibu.”
DSC 0860
DSC 0872
Maggie says, “Ndio hawa sisi karibu tuharakishe.”
DSC 0882
Maggie: Wacha tuchimbe chimbe tufike haraka. Look at how Elvis looks forward to the reception.
DSC 0902
Maggie’s mum sees her daughter dancing with vehemence and then smiles thinking, “Hii ni njaa.” ?
DSC 0904
Elvis: “Aki hii mabega natingisha ya mwisho.”
DSC 0927
DSC 0934
DSC 0956
And I managed to steal one somehow. Juu these people have another protective detail you don’t wanna know.

So they entered one by one… The decor was amazing, sorry we had lenses that couldn’t shoot wide.

DSC 0970

And finally…

DSC 1013
Mc Neb made them dance still.

Na tukapea yeye chakula

DSC 1231
Food at last

Na maji…

DSC 1221
DSC 1221
Until he said, “Am done, sitaki ingine.”

Some speeches then we go to the cake

DSC 1092

The cake was too big that our 50mm couldn’t get it all but I  managed to shoot some details.

DSC 1025
DSC 1027
DSC 1034
DSC 1038
DSC 1096
Elvis: Sijawahi ona keki kubwa hivi
DSC 1111
Elvis: Baby kata kabisa. Na pineapples ukuwe unazikata hivi kwa nyumba
DSC 1121
Elvis: Baby hii kitu ni tamu sana Maggie: Huwezi nyamaza? Verdict: #FirstFight ?
DSC 1125
Mc Neb was just happy
DSC 1126
Mpaka he posed for kamoja kazuri

So these two tents said they will marry in five years, that the fact they were in table five was no coincidence

DSC 1147
We will marry in five years

Meet Leyian’s younger brother

DSC 1192
Leyian’s younger brother

I also got one good one, thanks Billy. You know we photographers do not get any photos.

DSC 1060
One good one
DSC 1062
Another one

And then we started doing our shoot…

DSC 1200
DSC 1209

And then we asked her, “Na wewe utaolewa lini?” Take a look at that look

DSC 1245

Then we just decided to take a photo

DSC 1247
DSC 1045
DSC 1049
DSC 1053
DSC 1144
DSC 1136
DSC 1197
DSC 1190
DSC 1204
DSC 1254
DSC 1264
DSC 1269
DSC 1240

That was one biig shoot. And this was one loong post. We were not the official photographers so we decided to do something fun and enjoy ourselves. Thanks to Billy for compiling and retouching most of these from 1,009 photos. Photography work ain’t no joke.

Congratulations to Elvis Leyian & Maggie Kavuu.

I hope you had a good laugh as you enjoyed the amazing photography.

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  1. Hahahaha its been long since I had such a good laugh. Thanks for making it as hilarious and fun as we saw it.
    Meanwhile, u can’t wait for ka-kdf kesho.

  2. Wow! The flow of scenes is just perfect. The density of your creativity is yet another mettle. What a nice wedding. Be blessed abundantly

  3. I like the flow men. Going through the photos is enough for those who didn’t make it to the venue. Keep it up bro you are the best so far

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