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Happy soul ultra pro max!

So this wasn’t an easy one. JohnMark can testify to how hard it was to make all things plug. We thank that the #GodoftheImpossible was there on our side. Shirley knew that she was going for a photoshoot and I was the guy to make that happen. The venue was romantic and alluring, but not to the photographer. I thought it was a party and my biggest task was to make those few candid shots and call it a day. I knew I would find a venue that was well lit and all I would require was that speed light or just camera itself.

I was shocked at first but I whispered a prayer that this shoot becomes successful. A friend had also told me that you know your strength and creativity on unfamiliar grounds. Let us see how the love scenes came out…

Hey JohnMark, what you have there?

JohnMark & Shirley-0084

You must be a charming guy, she is all smily… What is she smiling about?

JohnMark & Shirley-0095

And what stories are you giving her?

JohnMark & Shirley-0097

Okay, can you get behind her and smile?JohnMark & Shirley-0006

Or maybe massage her worn out shoulders…JohnMark & Shirley-0003

Let’s walk to the woods…JohnMark & Shirley-0010

And let her feel comfortable around you…JohnMark & Shirley-0023

Because she is the only you gotJohnMark & Shirley-0032

And she rocks your worldJohnMark & Shirley-0028

Wait… did you tell her that you love her?JohnMark & Shirley-2-6

And she thought you were joking right?JohnMark & Shirley-2-5

Then you decided to show her how… I seeJohnMark & Shirley-0070

And you got more detailed… Didn’t you?JohnMark & Shirley-0083

But then she was too hard to convince…JohnMark & Shirley-2-9

So you had to convince her more… Gently, carefully, a piece at a timeJohnMark & Shirley-2

Why did you get so happy all of a sudden? Did she give in?JohnMark & Shirley-2-3

No she didn’t, you had to go down to your kneesJohnMark & Shirley-0064

And again…
JohnMark & Shirley-0063

But she got tired… And you went back to the drawing board againJohnMark & Shirley-0102

Whooooa…. So finally you had to pull this one? Did she just cry?JohnMark & Shirley-0108

Or what am I seeing?JohnMark & Shirley-0112JohnMark & Shirley-0111

You really made her confused…JohnMark & Shirley-0115

That the only thing she could do was to hug you…JohnMark & Shirley-0116


Congratulations JohnMark and Shirley, may you continue to love each other more than you do.

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  1. The final product is excellent! Shooting at night is difficult for the obvious reasons, you need some lighting equipment besides your ordinary speedlight, keep shooting, keep learning

  2. Congrats Shirley, you are quite an inspiration though, seeing this only challenges me more….

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