I’m In Love With A Muslim Girl

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In Love with a Muslim Girl

As inspired by @Najma_Writes

I alight this Poetic Boeing jet in heartfelt style
Quick, time guarding, to untie my first luggage
Of a love story,and lonely but loving guy.

I’m used to writing from corners of boredom
And edges where love never bothered to stop, come and say hi to a guy
I’m used to temperatures, cold, heart freezing
That makes loneliness ice cold,
Never easy to break.
So how can African men love
When loneliness is all they have?

And my second luggage hoards thoughts
Benign, ignited with daughter of sunni
Not the ones in my usual streets
In tights, and too revealing cullotes
Not the callous carolines, and gossiping linets
Not wakina njeri, freedom fighters from Nyeri
Just her, an adorable muslim woman
A pretty one from a hijab nation
My mental best, wish I could tell her the rest

Her face basks beneath boushiya veils,
Like sidrat leaves that rattle in faith of nature, To let the winds cuddle and pet them a kiss

The brinks of her mouth a rosebud, ‘dorable
Her lips pinky-juicy, dyed smiles, tied to wits
I once watched them shuffle over each other
in hazel symmetry like baritones of caliphs
Humbled in mighty voices to recite tajweed

I envy , when her eyes shine with crescent striking with amperage of lightning, powerful
wish had epic pleasure to see through them
Feel the love that blows and tickles rafts of her hair, and beauty that bows to her .

Did you see glamour or her teeth today , momentarily escaping in her valedictorian speech?
What of her mascara-freed face, and the natural glowing lips that never tried a lip gloss?
She’s cocoa natural and nature treats her like butter.

For long I wished I could walk beside her
Hands tied together, what’s more better?
For long I wished to act in theatres of love
With her, playing snowhites and juliets
And I in my Shakespearean attires
Blessed Siloma , honored to play romeo

* * *

But what would magufuli do?
Drop my wish to ocean of tomorrow thoughts,
Hope guide me in this journey by night.
Fully, I know I have greatly sinned
Have admired a madras muslimah woman, bodily, what’s more murderous than lust?
I’m in Love with a Muslim Girl.

In Love with a Muslim Girl

As inspired by @FloetryC

Hidden behind that beautiful Hijab
lies a resilient beauty, an identity
which is a reflection of her soul.
An appearance sublime and true.
A radiant face with eyes as beautiful
as the night sky.

I’m constantly lost in the coruscation of
her smile.
A dazzling through the day as she walks
diligently with dignity with her head up.
A demure woman with a high esteem
and humility.
A behavior that reciprocates her dignity
as a Muslim woman.
She exudes a confidence and respect that
provokes my thoughts and just makes me
want to absorb her.

Sensuality as she speaks; tickling my imagination
with a mellifluous voice.
Her sexy voluptuous curves and figure carefully
outlined majestically and wrapped up in a Burqa,
An allure curbing my desire and intriguing my mind.
A treasure of secrets turning my thoughts into pleasures.

I yearn for her like the night longs for the stars.
Completely taken up her modesty and grace.
I got it so deep for her that i see a reflection of
a Queen in her.
A woman who is not a slave to modern day conventions
or defined by the twisted perceptions of fashion and
beauty in society.

She doesn’t need to dress inappropriately or flash her
legs to impress anyone.
She wears the portrait of Islam.
She is Khadijah, Amina and Aisha
A concealed comely woman that I have unwrapped
a million times in my mind.
A Beautiful Muslim Girl.

In Love with a Muslim Girl


But beyond the imaginative thoughts of love
Reality hits hard
Pounding my soul, wrecking my heart
As religion becomes the barrier
And cultural norms rift the distance between us
Who is to blame?
Religion or humanity?

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