I Don’t Owe You An Explanation

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Happy soul ultra pro max!

I owe no one an explanation
For choosing red or white
I owe no soul an explanation
Of my life choices and lifestyle
As every man is as free as a bird
And the sky is so vast
To accommodate tons of every species

You are not liable for my sudden change of taste
Nor are you responsible for my weird fashion
I don’t need your critic mind on my new talent
That I desperately work on, though poor
Your slate and scorn should be off topics
When I talk of my dreams and goals

I am bold by the things
I have convinced my mind to do
In the past I made major life shifts
And in despair I quit
Simply because
I listened to people opinions
And their negative remarks

Now that I know what freedom lies in Christ
Now that I know I can do all things
Now that I know what a man’s mind
Believeths can achieve
I am flawless and fearless
Unbound from the chains of low self-esteem
And ties of low level thinking
Because I realized
I owe no human an explanation
But need to incline to God’s will

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