I Don’t Have A Dream

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I hear people talking of goals and dreams
I peruse the works of those who have ‘made it’
And see how incredible their minds are
The talk of my peers crash me
They talk of big things, big milestones to achieve
Worst of all, I look around me, everyone is successful
Am I incapable? Do I have what it takes?
Maybe am just living a life to support others
And aid them to their destination
While I die a pauper who never discovered what he had in him

I see the incompetent and lowly garner much from simple acts
While I, competent, brilliant and a hard worker, hits the wall in all I endeavor
I try patience, I read quotes and regenerate my efforts to no avail
I result to drinking, to much talk to gain attention and high esteem
I form a cartel of YOLO friends to pamper my lonely and hopeless soul
But back in my sheets I ask myself, ‘What is a Dream? Do I have the brain to dream one?’
I in turn hate successful people for they represent what am not

As people learn more of what reflects to their life
I learn more of how to handle wino women and debauchery
As people progress and learn from their failures
I am busy regretting why life is harsh and things don’t work my way
Maybe I have a dream, maybe I know what I want in life
But it is buried with the haze of comparing myself to others and thinking that life is unfair
Maybe I see it daily, but cannot see it eternally
So, do I have a dream?
Is my dream finding the dream?
Do I look at other’s dreams to find mine?

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