I Am More Than A Conqueror



Happy soul ultra pro max!

I have heard more of prosperity gospel
Where to conquer primarily meant to own wealth
To be powerful, influential and have a say
And every year was my year of prosperity
One set apart for me to acquire all that is worldly

In my zeal I worked for my very own desires
I crowned my efforts to acquire my bounty lot
But all toppled like mud in flood
And kept asking God why
Why He rejoices in my pain
Why He rejoices in my tribulation
And why He turned a blind eye

In my rough year, I lost faith
I despaired because I lost a lot
At the end of it all I realized I was a conqueror
Because I gained more of what was not worldly
As I was being sharpened for my future
I had a new mindset and likeness
One that never resembled a mortal being
But one that focused more than just acquiring
To giving, serving and touching lives
Yes, I am more than a conqueror
Because I have known exactly what I should bind on earth

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