Harris Weds

Harris Weds


Happy soul ultra pro max!

I have longed to do this post. Maybe because it was the first shoot I ever did in life. I knew little about photography. All I knew was to slide to Auto and shoot. I dared to do something different though, I yearned much to be unique and be amazing. I stored this photos for quite a while but recently as I was building my portfolio I said, ‘Why Not?’

It was on 13th December 2014. The wedding takes place in Rombo FPFK Church grounds. We arrived late so the first person to shoot was an auntie of mine who was giving a speech.

Harris-Wedding (8)
Mrs Apale gives a speech at the wedding

I twisted my camera to the bride and groom only to find them smiling.

Harris-Wedding (2)
Harris and his bride smiling

The Dad

Harris's Dad
Harris’s Dad

This lady Sereya, she sang a beautiful Maasai song

Sereya the singer
Sereya the singer

Candid shots of the brides maids

Harris-Wedding (10)
Harris-Wedding (9)

Then the champagne


Wait… She was my teacher back in primary school

Mrs Kamau
Mrs Kamau

And she taught with my mom (right)

My Cousin Judy (left) and my mom
My Cousin Judy (left) and my mom

So this was quite a moment…

Harris and his bride laughs as they cut the cake

And gifts. She is my sister Julian

Julian collects her gift
Julian collects her gift

And she poses for a pic with a friend of mum

Julian poses for a pic with Mama Raayo
Julian poses for a pic with Mama Seleyian

And this … I have no words

Harris-Wedding (7)
The mightiest Moment

Maybe this was my first path in photography. It may look shoddy but for a complete amateur who’s job was to press the shutter, it was quite something. #NiJesus #GloryToGod

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  1. Wow! You did a great job,it’s unimaginable that pictures taken in 2014 would still be this live and amazing! Keep up the great work.

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