Don’t Call Yourself Off

Don't Call Yourself Off
Don't Call Yourself Off
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I just Googled the meaning of ‘call off’ and the second meaning amused me:

2. To stop or restrain a person or animal that is behaving aggressively. A noun or pronoun can be used between “call” and “off.”

This post is for everyone who has been behaving aggressively. This is for people who have been aggressive in prayer, in positivity, and in believing that things will and must be better in their lives but are facing an uphill challenge.

Most people have been aggressive in life knowing that things around them must be better because they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them but they get despaired when things do not work according to their timing.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in its season

Psalms 1:3

Many people despair because they want things done in their season. This is why so many have fallen into the hands of the devil’s treachery. That’s why most have entered into fraudulent deals and later lost it all. This is why others have forsaken the faith because they think it doesn’t work etc.

I was listening to my other spiritual father Rabbi Daniel Malinga. You can download his Android or iOS App and listen to those wonderful podcasts and ministrations. This anointed man has changed my life with his intense revelatory knowledge of God. I was listening to one of his ministrations titled ‘The Throne of God’ recently and he said something that struck me.

“Better fail in your calling than fail in your relationship with God.”

Rabbi Daniel Malinga

So many people have worshipped their calling and forgot He who called them. An example would be if I become an internationally renowned writer but I end up worshipping my writing ministry and not God Himself. My relationship with my Creator aside from anything else should be at its peak as I climb to the peak.

If God says I should not write for the next three months and it happens that at the same time some donor wants to plug in some wild cash to my ministry, I should automatically not think twice about the money no matter how financially challenging my life has been. God’s call should supercede man’s niceties.

Callings can wait, ministries can wait but your personal relationship with God cannot. If indeed you are to walk with God like Enoch, you need to have a personal and very close relationship with God. You cannot walk from glory to glory if you do not know the one who holds the glory.

What has made the child of God poor, despaired, and desolate is impatience. Most children of God believe reason more than the scripture. They believe in the knowledge of man than that of God. Why? Because they can relate to man better than God. They see and commune with man every day; they listen to his ideologies, belief, and thoughts.

You become what/who you commune with. If you commune with God you will become Him. You will think and talk like Him. So many children of God start the journey of communing with God but are not patient enough to get to know Him. They want to instantly download an eternal God into their finite selves.

Moses, Micaiah, Amos, Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah all saw the throne of God but each of them had a different glimpse of the throne. John the Revelator had another wholesome view of God’s throne. Why is this? Why does Jesus tell one, ‘Get your mat and walk’ to another He puts mud in his eyes, and to another, He says to the crowd ‘I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.’ There is no template to commune with God. He cannot be reverse engineered.

There are so many children of God who have earnestly sought God but have quit because all they got were more arrows than victory. Others have got so despaired because they got the complete opposite of what they asked for. I used to be that kind of person. Today, I just smile and say, “Game On!”

Don’t call yourself off because you were looking for a job and all you got were innumerable turn downs. Do not call yourself off because you lost crazy amounts in business. Do not despair because you were trying to change but you end up doing the exact same thing that you are up against. Even in your deepest abyss, you are righteous.

You are not a failure because three people said so. Even if a thousand called you off, the Creator of the thousand hasn’t. You need to know what position you occupy. You need to understand what power you have and I confirm to you that you have greater power than you know. You need to know how God sees you but first you need to know who He is.

Psalms 1:3 says ‘in due season‘. If I plant a mango tree today, I do not expect that it yields tomorrow. Even if it yielded abundantly tomorrow, what type of mangoes will it yield? A seedling is just a palm’s length, how big will its fruit be? The mango tree has to grow first, its roots must be firmly rooted to the ground such that it doesn’t fall off during abundant harvest.

But so many want to yield first before growing their roots and that’s why so many topple and end up cursing God. Most people have a view of the yield first (their callings) and not the root (God). Anything that has got no firm foundation will eventually fall.

Have a beautiful relationship with God such that as you grow your roots you smile and blossom. Commune with your Father such that men ask you why you bloom in the desert. Have a deep relationship with your Creator such that you understand your journey and growth.

So how do you create this relationship? Most think it is by confessing their sins, reading their Bibles and praying every day. Well, it is not done merely through fasting, praying, and giving. Most pray and fast but God doesn’t manifest in their lives. Most sow but reap nothing.

Do you guys know why David is such a different character in the Bible? It is because he was just so open with God. Their relationship was not about giving or sacrifices.

You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.

Psalms 51:16

All the Lord wants is your heart, nothing else! I love it how my spiritual father Prophet Ronie Kabwama puts it, “Your heart is not where your blood pumps. Your heart is down here, in your stomach. As you praise and worship God it has to come from your belly. As you pray and commune with God, it has to come from your very bosom.”

Actually, David says that God will not despise a contrite heart.

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.”

Psalms 51:17

If praise and/or worship doesn’t come from your very bosom then don’t do it. If your offering/sacrifice/giving doesn’t come from your heart then do not give completely. Your sacrifice, praise, and worship should rise as a sweet aroma to the heavenlies.

And do not be sin-conscious that you are guilty of this or that, give your all and wholesomely. That is the first step to communing with God. The second big thing is desire. Desire to know Him with all your heart. Create a desire for Him. When you draw close to Him, He draws closer to you.

The third thing is to meditate on His word as often as possible. If the Word of God says that you can do all things let no man tell you that things are hard, that times have changed etc. If God’s word says that you a blessed beyond measure, no man should tell you that life is hard. Meditate on what He says. Eat from the tree of life.

As you meditate on the word of God, you see yourself more in Him than in the world. You become more spiritual rather than physical. Things will begin to happen and I instruct you that you consider them to be the effect of your commune with God. Do not take them for granted or regard them as mere coincidences.

If you are praying and believing God for a breakthrough and someone decides to buy you lunch that day, regard that as the direct effect of your prayer and the blessings will start multiplying. In that, you will get to build your senses and get to know what is from God and what is not.

No matter how slow you may seem to go, shift your consciousness. No matter how far from your life you may think God is do not call yourself off. Do not call it quit. The devil doesn’t want you to take the dominion and authority from him and he will do anything to make sure you quit. It is up to you to do anything to make sure you don’t.

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