Do You Envy Someone Else’s Life?

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Happy soul ultra pro max!

Someone has just won a bounty
As another strolls along the street in grief
Another just got divorced
While in a movie theater a couple cuddle in love
Two kids have triumphed today
One has finally solved a jigsaw puzzle
While another has shown exemplary skills in soccer

As one mother moves about in a mall
Another hustles her way in a kiosk
Doing her best to compete with 50 alike
Three men talk to each other
One is the owner of the building
The other is the foreman
And another is the construction worker

This is where it all plugs in
The owner of the building has 5 prime companies
Ready to negotiate on the best deal, that’s a bounty
The foreman, just divorced with his wife
But her young girl has found a new love
She is enjoying her first date with her lover
The construction worker strolls on the street in grief
As construction work is over
And he goes home to meet her wife
He is baffled with good news that his kid got a scholarship
From his talent in playing soccer

Where does the rich man go to?
A lonely home to a rude wife?
Or to a joyful kid happy that she finally solved the jigsaw?
But is he the family kind of dad?
Or is he after more wealth?
Why does the kid bow in sorrow?
Bereft of love that she knows there was?
Why does she creep quietly to her bedroom
Away from the quarrel of her parents?

While you may envy other people’s life
While you may do all it takes to be like someone
You may not know what lies beneath those closed doors
And those deepest regrets buried in the soul
Appreciate each moment for what you got
For who you are and your position in life
For in each man lies greatness
Not necessarily in riches
But in health, peace of mind and joy!

Moral: There is abundance of life in you, don’t overlook the simple gifts in your life.

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