#BoyChildKE – Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

#BoyChildKE - Do Not Compare Yourself To Others
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Kevo has a stable family, he has his life together and has bought a new car. The same Kevin who was a wasted log. The same Kevin you all knew had no future. The same Kevin who was rumored in the village to be having HIV/AIDS.

Brayo is now responsible and has a new baby. Who would have thought? Though they have stereotyped all Brayos in this country, this one truly matched the statistics. This is the same Brayo known for his prowess with women. Who can believe that he is now settled?

Montez has bought a plot of land at home. Montez? The same guy who has been chewing miraa for years? The very same guy who has been stagnant in life for 10 years now? Can’t be.

Mutuko got a new well paying job. He now works with an international NGO. But wait, he just came out of the University, how is life even fair?

You may be wondering why you are stagnant in life. You may be wondering why your life doesn’t seem to move. Deep inside you know you have all the skills you need for a certain job but the guys employed are doing a very shoddy job.

All your friends most of whom were living shoddily in partying and drugs all have good jobs and families and are settled. The fact that you have been playing safe by not indulging in any form of debauchery and has been the responsible but unsuccessful guy really pains you.

I want you to consider how a catapult or how a bow and arrow work. They both need that backward force to be able to shoot for miles. Should the arrow or catapult complain about how much backward they are being pulled, they would not be able to project forward with that massive force. You are that bow.

If the bow was a person and was wasting himself in life, he would have been dysfunctional. He would not shoot as far as he would if he were well maintained. You are that well-maintained bow. Do not get tired of maintaining yourself and getting better at what you do as you will project further than the rest.

Do not get disappointed that you are not making it in life. If a good bow and arrow are shot by a stronger and mightier being it will project much further. That mighty being is your creator, the one who created you. Do not envy small bows whose arrows are just a stone throw away from you.

You are the child of the most high, crafted in perfection and completeness. You are the best, you are blessed and capable of doing anything and above what you have aspired to so trust the process. Do not compare yourself to others as you may become vain or bitter. Do not compare yourself to small bows as you will limit yourself to their small projections, mere success, and imagination.

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