Church is NOT for the Sinless



Happy soul ultra pro max!

Sometimes I think
That I am not a better Christian
And don’t deserve to be one either
Sometimes thoughts of despair
Cloud my brain, thinking
I will never be good enough
Not like the ushers I see
Not like the priests who preach
Nor the friends I see

Sometimes I find myself
Stuck in this maze
Of trying to look perfect
I somehow remember my life in sin
And my ‘sweet’ dirty past bombards me
Showing me that I do not belong

But what is better?
Burning in exposed skin or in asbestos wear?
Getting slain naked or in armor?
The church is not for the perfect
It is not for the sinless either
It is not for those in white robes
It is not for those with honeyed words
And consistent Christian dialect
It is for you, who is filthy, broken
And guilty of sin
It is for those who need rescue
Let not white robes shock you
For all have a fallen nature like you
But yearn for salvation

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