Worship in The Wild Chapter Three

Event Name: Worship in The Wild III Event Date: 26th August 2017 Theme: Salt & Light Location: Nairobi Arboretum Gadget: Nikon D3300, Yongnuo 560 III Speedlight There is a name

Sunrise Hands

Am Made of Dark

I remember my first silhouette shot. It was during the KkrewBs Photoshoot back in 2015. I never knew how to edit or modify the photo in any way. I just


Photos That Inspired My 2017

2017 was a rough year. It was bitter and troublesome but I thank God I pulled through and had the best wrap of all years. I lost gadgets, including my

Kitambi & Associates mentors Rono the village boy

Life’s A Beach – The Flamingo Fun

I recently went out on a holiday, one so glorious and filled with glam, glim and gloss and fun and bliss – crap! I am not a travel sijui holiday


Mombasani – The Medina Bliss

I recently went out on a holiday. A long one for that matter. Three days in Medina with fam and a week at Flamingo Beach Resort thanks to my employer.

Photos That Inspired My 2016

The following are photos that have inspired my year. I have emotional attachment to most of them because they tell a story. They remind me of who I am, where

Unscrambling Africa

Did you know that when you Google the images of Kenya you will get more photos of Kenya burning ivory than the beautiful Nairobi skyline, natural scenery and the incredible

JohnMark & Shirley Engagement

So this wasn’t an easy one. JohnMark can testify to how hard it was to make all things plug. We thank that the #GodoftheImpossible was there on our side. Shirley

Harris Weds

I have longed to do this post. Maybe because it was the first shoot I ever did in life. I knew little about photography. All I knew was to slide