Am Not Perfect



Happy soul ultra pro max!

I strive to do good
Yes, you may see me with my thick Bible
With my masterly in cramming the verses
And my strong christian dialect
But I fall too
So bad that I get hurt with guilt

You may look up to me
You may love my life
The tone and curves that it takes
But in my weakness
See me not as a weak being
Unworthy of His grace

You may stamp names on me
‘Pastor’ ‘The Christian’
You may test me with questions
Just to prove a point
To justify your sinful nature
Or test my masterly in the word
But remember
God is not mocked!

Who am I to judge?
But who am I not to rebuke?
Your evil ways, I will question
Not because am holier than thou
Self-righteous, a reformed Saul
But with love and patience
I have to model you for Christ
Lest I too be judged
For not reaching to you
Remember, in all this
I may fail and stumble
But keep strong

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