Am Made of Dark

Sunrise Hands


Happy soul ultra pro max!

I remember my first silhouette shot. It was during the KkrewBs Photoshoot back in 2015.

My First Silhouette Shoot
My first Silhouette Shoot

I never knew how to edit or modify the photo in any way. I just loved the dark figures that formed from light. From then I have never stopped shooting silhouettes.

My next stop was in Uhuru Park where my photographer friend and I experimented the Nikon D3200 for the first time.

Wahome holds his head facing the sun

Then we decided to get more creative…

  • Touch The Tip
  • The Pyramid

We happened to go for a hangout at Nairobi Safari Walk and my thirst for silhouettes was never quenched by these.

  • Peace
  • Sun Silhouette

Ngong Hills never filled my hunger either…

  • Lady Silhouette
  • Hair Silhouette
  • Girl Silhouette

Then during a worship experience in CITAM Thika Road, a pianist friend of mine asked for a photo and I shot a silhouette instead. From that day on they nicknamed me ‘Silowet’

The Face
The Face

On a trip to Mombasa, I chose to shoot silhouettes at dawn

  • Sunrise Ocean
  • Sunrise Golden Hour Boat

And that fused with figures of people become masterpieces.

  • Bliss
  • Sunrise Hands
  • Sunrise-Jump

Ever seen a silhouetted version of the Vasco Da Gamma Pillar?

Malindi'S Silhouetted Vasco Da Gamma Pillar
Malindi’s Silhouetted Vasco Da Gamma Pillar

How about a silhouetted landscape? Took these at Amboseli

  • Trees-Sunset
  • Sunrise In Amboseli
  • Dry Tree In Amboseli

You can also get a little creative with silhouettes.

The Creative
The Creative

My love for silhouettes is unquenchable – my profile picture on social platforms is a silhouetted portrait of me. This is why I say, “I am made of Dark”

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  1. And you keep inspiring me with your pieces of art. This reminds me of when you taught me how to take long exposures. I hunger to read and learn more. So keep on sharing.

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