10 Political Leaders I Shot

Joseph Nkaiserry & Ole Ntutu
Joseph Nkaiserry smiles with Ole Ntutu
Picture of Siloma


Happy soul ultra pro max!

Location: Various – Narok, Kajiado, Oloitokitok

Gadget(s): Nikon D3300 | Nikon D3200

Accessories: Yongnuo 560 III or None

Lenses: Kit Lens 18-55mm mostly & Sigma 70-300mm

Over the past two years, I have had the chance to shoot in political events and these political leaders grace this blog post today.

There is one who will take first position. This is because he is the one who bought my camera, The Nikon D3300. I remember going to his office with a constituency website project proposal. He promised to buy me a laptop and a camera to help me with the project. 2 years later, after life really hit me hard, I just texted him and to my amazement, he sent me money to get a camera, that’s when I got the Nikon D3300 and have been using it since.

That’s none other than my area MP (Kajiado South). If it were not for him, I would not have become a photographer. I thank him for believing in my dream.

Katoo Ole Metito

  • Katoo Ole Metito
  • Katoo Metito

Katoo Metito at Esukuta Boma Primary school in Rombo launching a water project funded by both Water is Life organization and the CDF.

The Late Joseph Ole Nkaisserry

I got a chance to shoot this at Johnson Ole Nchoe (MD Geothermal Development Company) Thanksgiving

  • Joseph Nkaissery
  • Joseph Nkaissery
  • Joseph Nkaiserry & Ole Ntutu

Peter Mositet

  • Peter Mositet
  • Peter Mositet & Ole Lenku

Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai

In the same event (Ole Nchoe’s), I got a chance to take this shot. Of the current Narok Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai.

Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai
Narok County Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai

The Late William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama

I shot this photo 19 days before his death and this photo went viral on social media with all kinds of condolence messages. May he RIP.

  • William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama
  • William Ole Ntimama

David Ole Nkedianye

While at a burial in Oloosirkon in Kajiado County, I shot a portrait of the then Kajiado Governor David Ole Nkedianye.

  • David Nkedianye
  • David Nkedianye
  • David Nkedianye

Moses Ole Sakuda

I know this guy for his slogan, ‘Mungu Mbele’ He is the former Kajiado West MP

Moses Ole Sakuda
Moses Ole Sakuda speaking at an event in Narok

Aden Bare Duale

I was honored to have this shot of the of Parliament for Garissa Township and Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, Kenya.

  • Aden Duale
  • Aden Duale

Joseph Ole Lenku

How could I miss a photo of my current governor in my portfolio? Still at Oloosirkon, while seeking to be elected, I was honored by his words at the burial. While every other leader was talking about politics, he said that he would not speak politics because that was not the place for it.

  • Joseph Ole Lenku
  • Joseph Ole Lenku

HE Uhuru Kenyatta

I had the chance to shoot Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta in Narok. I loved it.

  • Uhuru & Ole Nchoe
  • Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
  • Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
  • Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta
  • Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

I love political events because they are so fun. Sometimes you even forget to shoot because of how hilarious these people are.

What about a special bonus? One that was published on Daily Nation in a feature?

Johnson Sakaja

I was honored to shoot this portrait at an event in Enashipai.

  • Johnson Sakaja
  • Johnson Sakaja


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